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DUI cases in Akron, OH are almost never cut and dry, Even if your breathalyzer or blood test came back over the limit. Often, many issues an experienced DUI lawyer can use to get the charges reduced — or even dismissed

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For many, dealing with the civil or criminal justice system is an anxiety-inducing experience. This is especially the case when you are facing pending criminal charges or going through a contentious divorce. To be sure, the areas of criminal defense and family law are very different, but they have one thing in common: in both types of cases, there is an incredible amount at stake. At the Akron office of Kenneth Crislip Attorney at Law, I have been representing clients in family law and criminal defense matters for the past 15 years. I pride myself in helping my clients through the difficult family and criminal justice issues they face.


A DUI lawyer at our firm can assist you in fighting your criminal charges for DUI. Let the Law Office of Kenneth Crislip fight for your rights on the road.

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We understand the laws and regulations can be complex in OVI/DUI cases, Have an expert on your side.

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We’ve helped hundreds of clients have their DUI charges reduced to reckless driving or dismissed altogether, and to keep their driving privileges intact.

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We have over 15 years of experience, Our main focus is to represent DUI cases to the best of our ability.

A DUI is a serious criminal charge that have a harsh and lasting impact on your finances and future. Accepting these charges means facing hefty fines, years of increased insurance premiums, and many hours of drunk driving school and community service.

Our main focus is fighting your DUI/OVI charges to reduce the consequences and penalties you may have imposed.

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